Digital Branding Vs. Digital Marketing – Know How To Achieve Success For Your Business?

The digital branding and digital marketing is an interconnected topic that has different outcomes on your online advertisement in terms of resources, cost, time, and strategies used for business analysis. Both the topic is mutually supporting each other to attain ultimate goals. If you want to achieve your organizational goals, make sure to take the help of both digital branding and marketing to accomplish your aims.

In this competitive era where everyone is struggling to gain online visibility, choosing an effective and powerful customer acquisition channel is imperative for the business of all sizes. Try to find how to develop the right strategy to retain your customer engagement and gain more online visibility. If you are puzzled to choose between digital branding and digital marketing, continue reading with us. As here we’ve outlined how both the topic can assist your company in achieving success and standing unique.

What Is Digital Branding?

As both the topic is co-related, it’s quite obvious to get confused between digital branding and marketing. However, digital branding is an effective process to gain online customers for the business that includes various aspects of marketing as well as advertising. This branding process is quite complex, although it’s unavoidable if you’ve got a company.

For different types of businesses, branding is crucial to retain your customers, and especially in the age of online communication. Hence, digital branding is an extremely powerful marketing strategy, which helps to develop the brand identity through digital channels. Strong digital brand strategies will result in effective communication and so your audience can understand what you are representing as a company.

Benefits of Digital Branding For Business

Digital branding has a wide range of advantages, so it’s complex to understand where to start. Here are some of them –

1. Strong Digital Brands Help Businesses To Get Spread On Different Online Platform
2. Enables Your Customers To Get Involved And Create A Unique Customer Experience
3. Help Your Company To Go Viral For Good Reasons
4. Digital Branding Makes You Stand Out From Your Competitors
5. Helps The Business To Easily Get Connected With Your Target Audiences

If you want to gain your company’s online identity, make sure to incorporate digital branding for the business.


Digital Branding vs Digital Marketing


What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a cost-effective process to promote, advertise, and sell goods or services via online channels, such as – search engine results, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. Digital marketing is all about the “4Ps of Marketing” (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion). These powerful steps involve putting your product in the right place at an industry-standard price to get it sold.

Furthermore, digital marketing helps in both the branding and marketing of different kinds of businesses. In short, it is a powerful marketing approach to score a good rank in search engine results and generate leads for the business.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

If you want to make a switch in your marketing strategy to reach more prospective clients, you actually need to understand the following benefits of digital marketing strategies for business –

1. Increase Customer Loyalty With Frequent Communications
2. Target The Right Audience
3. Engage More Customers At Every Buying Stage
4. Generate Consistent Leads For Business
5. Optimize Better Conversion Rates
6. Gain Brand Identity & Credibility
7. Accurately Measure Your Results
8. Local SEO Helps To Reach More Qualified Buyers Online

If you need more convenience, an online marketing strategy is right for different types of businesses.

Final Thoughts

Both digital branding and online marketing are important steps to grow any successful businesses these digital days. For that reason, it is imperative to gain a strong online presence and create an effective marketing strategy ahead of starting anything. These strategies will not only enable you to increase your company’s popularity and also maintain a strong relationship with customers as well as generate leads for businesses.

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5 Important Tips to become Successful Entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneur or entrepreneurial success is a lengthy story one scribes for ages. There’s a huge difference between a small business owner and entrepreneur. Entrepreneur is big, large and agile and that doesn’t always think out of the box rather think akin to many but execute absolutely one of a kind. So do you have these qualities enough to brag yourself as an entrepreneur?

Embarking on a successful entrepreneurial journey takes insightful concepts. But it is something that differs from individual business niche- ‘not one size fits for all’. Below some of the fundamental traits of this journey have debunked. Keep reading on to hatch up your next move.

Call to passion:

Once Bob Dylan said, “What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do. ” And this is what you can call in short as passion. Passion is something that never makes you bored in doing same thing repeatedly instead it ignites you every time you do.  While devising entrepreneurial qualities you need to fathom what keeps you awake as you haven’t finished it or you want to work on to hone up more. Remember, your belief in passion will keep you consistent to your destination.

Risk takers:

If you don’t risk it, it won’t take you anywhere. This is why entrepreneurs are risk takers. Ironically, not everyone who takes risks will gain at last. Successful entrepreneurs win when they have a stronger backup plan than the risk itself. They evaluate, identify prospective threat zones and assess whether their risk will worth their investment or not.

Zeal for learning:

Just because she is a successful entrepreneur, she will not have idea of everything.  An entrepreneur is something who will not only focus on making her industry big but her knowledge too. From politics to policies she needs to have little knowledge of everything.

Flexible in nature:

Market needs keep changing with time. What is viable today won’t be there after 5 years or what you had expected 5 years back is pretty much backdated today. This is how new becomes old and old goes out of need and sometimes comes back. To keep up with the change, an industrialist has to be flexible and adaptive to continuous change and demand. What you think is as your passion may not fruitful to the market. Get the best out of your business make it the best option for the needs.

Planning and money management:

Financial planning is at the utmost of importance to become a successful entrepreneur. In terms to protect your establishment from potential financial threats you need to have enough capital strength to tell your venture tale. And capital strength builds upon proper money management skill and planning. While you don’t need to be very rigid for planning that you can’t even dare to take your next step, you need to foresee future financial obligations.

The ultimate take:

Luck is an important factor in this entire journey. Entrepreneurial venture is nothing but setting out with a ship and getting at the middle of a volatile sea storm. Sometimes you go up by the wave and sometimes you are knocked down. As long as you can keep your motivation up and remain determined to your focus, the odds won’t let you down.

How To Convert your Customer Through Your Brand

When you want to convert customers for your brand promotion the first thing that will cross your mind is I can’t, and it’s not my cup of tea.

Competition for business in today’s ultra-connected, global world is fierce. Each day, fresh idea is formed and new companies are launched, and yet – 90% of startups fail.

We have something to cheer you up.

Firstly, how to identify your best brand promotion customers?

Track your fans in Social Media Channels

Fans on your social media channels are equally skillful at wearing several hats: salesperson, marketers, thought leaders and content creators. They are more likely to share information using social media and online discussion dashboards to someone they know.

Identify your Repeat Customers

The repeat customers are the best source of brand promotions as they visit your site repeatedly. This gives you a better chance to cherish the relationship with them and give sufficient reason to talk about your brand.

Now, the most important strategies you should be aware of:

Strategies to convert customers into brand advocates

90% trust their friend’s recommendation before buying any product whereas only 40% trust advertising. So now the question arises how to make your website visitors your biggest fans and promoters?

Unique Website Experience

Convert your customers by providing an engaging and visually beautiful website experience. Give users number of reasons to talk about their positive experiences with your company and services.

Share knowledge, win friends

The whole world is on the lookout for tricks, tips and shortcuts. So if you know how to solve a problem X with a solution Y, then make sure to put it online. As it is human nature to help, your customer will share your information with their friends and families, winning you new friends and more importantly potential customers.

Referral Discounts

Make your consumer your biggest brand promoter by providing referral discounts. If your customer knows that they will get a discount the next time they purchase a product from your company by simply referring the product to others, they will most likely share it with their social circles and communities.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty is about the trust nurtured with your loyal customers. It is worthwhile because a loyal customer will stick with you and refuse to get poached by any of your competitor. Involving the customer through a reward program will motivate him/her to have a positive perspective towards your brand.

Create Riveting user Generated Stories

Your purchasers are dying to tell stories about their new buys to the world. Businesses that can tap into this need can drive revenue as well as growth. You can increase in total revenue and in higher conversion rate through social traffic by using product stories.

Free Offline Sampling:

Reach out everywhere in malls and etc., provide people with leaflets, make hoardings and explain and share the information as much as you can. Reach out to every individual through free sampling.

Hopefully, these strategies and information will help you to nurture your brand. For more information, contact us or even call us @+91-33-324 86160

How to Accelerate the Page Speed of your Mobile Based Website

No one likes waiting around for a site to load; so according to kissmetrics 40 per cent of people abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load. Everyone prefers Accelerated mobile pages, to make their work easy going.

Unlike accelerated mobile pages slow pages are especially crippling for e-commerce sites. According to insights.wired almost 75 per cent of shoppers who are unhappy with a site’s performance are less likely to buy from the same site again, while a one second delay cutbacks customer satisfaction by 20 per cent.

Even Google factors site speed into their algorithm when ranking websites. So if your site loads too slowly you can expect your Google rankings to fall, and in turn represent less traffic to your site.

So what can you do to Accelerate Mobile Pages faster? Here are a few simple ways to keep your page load times low and your visitors happy.

1. Enable Compression

Use GZIP software application for file compression, to reduce the size of your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files that are larger than 150 bytes.

2. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML

By optimizing your code (including removing spaces, commas, and other unnecessary characters), you can intensely accelerate your mobile page speed. Google endorses using YUI Compressor for both CSS and JavaScript.

3. Reduce Redirects

Each time a page redirects to another page, your visitor faces extra time waiting for the HTTP request-response cycle to complete. Different additional redirects make your page load slower.

4. Improve server response time

Your server response time is encroached by the amount of traffic you receive, the resources each page uses, the software your server uses, and the hosting solution you use.

5. Use a content distribution network

Content distribution networks (CDNs), also called content delivery networks, are networks of servers that are used to allocate the load of delivering content. Essentially, copies of your site are stored at multiple, geographically different data centers so that users have faster and more reliable access to your site.

6. Optimize images

Make sure your images are no larger than they need to be, that they are in the right file format and finally that they are compressed for the web. Optimize images size for fast access on your site.

The Top 3 Digital Technologies which have Changed Modern Life

Virtualization has been one of the biggest boons of digitization. The core concept of Digital Marketing starts with the binary concept of 0 and 1, where one implies an active state and zero indicates an inactive state. This traditional concept has advanced substantially with the inception of complex electrical circuits giving rise to world class electrical and electronic systems. Smart phone marketing is one of the latest examples of this quantum revolution. Today, we cannot think about a life without smart phones. The second most important change has come in the form of seamless mobile internet connectivity primarily with the advent of 4G telephony and Wi-Fi accessibility. These concepts were unthinkable even half a decade back. The third most important revelation of technology has come in the form of our favorite mobile apps. Now we can enjoy a number of unique experiences like booking a pizza online, booking a movie ticket, purchase a pair of shoes and book a taxi. These are just a few examples of the benefits of a mobile application.

The above paragraph primarily addressed the real game changers in the world of technology. Today, the world is set for a tremendous mobile based revolution which would encompass the masses. You would be using your mobile phone more often and get the best solutions from single clicks. Within 2022, most of the Google searches would originate from hand held devices. The usage of PCs and laptops would be restricted to corporate establishments like offices, hospitals, malls, retail chains and educational institutions. Beyond the obligatory boundaries of the above mentioned platforms, people would have the option to use mobile technology freely.

We have already reached a stage of hyper-personalization of end user technology where the supposed end outcomes influence the developmental stage. Today, a mobile apps development company would focus more on the expectations of the end users while developing a mobile app. This is also similar to reverse engineering.

Ever Dreamt of an assorted Workforce?

Outsourcing is not a luxury for enterprises. It is a process which helps them sustain themselves in a highly competitive global environment. The reason behind this is very simple. It is very difficult to gather people with multiple skillets under the same roof. Even though, the major tech cities around the world have the availability of different types of human resources, finding the most skilled ones is a real challenge. Outsourcing is one of the easiest ways to have an assorted workforce which would excel parallel. Unlike the normal organizational structure, this concept allows multiple business verticals to function with the same efficiency.

Some people look at BPO as a mere financial calculation aimed at hiring workers at low wages from overseas locations. Intelligent business strategists look at it from the perspective of excellence. Why? When a business collaborates with another, there arises a massive opportunity to share knowledge and impart turnkey skills to the co-workers. Modern business corporations give a lot of emphasis on training and knowledge sharing. It is the key to create an ecosystem of profitability and sustainability on a global scale. Process outsourcing is generally restricted to large and medium scale corporations which have the capacity to bear the cost of training and infrastructure management.

By 2022, outsourcing would take the dimension of partnerships rather than a technique to manage business verticals with the assistance of third parties.

How has The World of Technology changed over The Last Two Decades?

Way back in the early 90s, computers and phones were a different story. Computers were restricted to research centres and data warehouses and were gigantic in terms of size. Technology has truly reduced the world to the palm of our hands! Today, the same computational capability is possessed by a handheld device like an iPhone. In between, we skipped 23 years of enormous technological development and research which helped in shaping modern society.

Let us start our discussion with our old friend computer. The computer became familiar with our professional lives during the mid-1990s when major companies started automating their everyday operations. Telephony was restricted to the standard land phone or the occasional cordless phone. Although the first range of mobile phones was launched in the year 1973, it took a lot of time for it to become easily accessible by the common users. Computers made a relatively easier entry into the markets and soon found their way into several American homes. We are not biased about a particular location. We are trying to map the expansion, growth and evolution of computers from their place of origin. The roots have to be traced first in order to understand the first story.

Today, laptops have become very convenient for the professional community, who can carry their work home. Plus, the availability of high-speed internet emails and social media sites have blessed us with seamless connectivity. Does distance matter in 2017? No, you can easily conduct an overseas meeting with a client over Skype! A decade back, it was almost unthinkable and companies had to bear a lot of costs to arrange overseas trips. Although business trips are important today, a lot of cost and convenience has been added through VOIP (Voice over the Internet) and Video Telephony (Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp Messenger etc.)

Across the globe, technology has modified our lives significantly. Today business has come down to the size of the palm. Let us take a real-life example. A customer opens on his phone. Today, the mobile user would not see the mobile version of the site! Rather the person would be clicking on a mobile app that would give him/her a rich navigational experience. The same customer makes a purchase through the app using his debit or credit card. This is the magic of modern mobile commerce. We are ready to help you establish a strong web presence for your business. 2017 would be the right time.