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Moving towards a more Predictable Business Future

When technology meets human intelligence, it creates magic. The same magic is visible globally! Yes, we are talking about modern tech interfaces like Smartphones, Chat Applications, Smart Watches and GPS. Together they create a new universe of possibilities where communication happens at the speed of light. Was it possible 10 years back? No, even though we had mobile phones and mobile internet, the end results were different. Way back in 2006, I used to download wallpapers through GPRS. Videos and high quality graphics were almost unthinkable of during that period and each session was quite expensive. Today, we are enjoying free 4G telephony and data courtesy Reliance JIO. It is a company which has taken an oath to change the entire spectrum of telecommunications in India.

In the last decade, there has been a significant change in the pattern of business outcomes after it embraced technology. Aspects like customer management and billing operations have improved significantly owing to the introduction of automation and mobile phones. Social media sites have improved Business to Customer interactions. Most of the major business corporations across the globe are using technology to give a better experience to its customers. Mobile applications have emerged as another hardcore technology which has successfully transformed the core areas of a business. It creates a unique connectivity between the customers and the business enabling them to make the best use of a simple end user technology. Probably, it is one of the most easy to use technologies available for usage on a mobile platform. To understand it clearly, one has to take a real life example. You book a cab through an aggregator Application like Uber. There is 99.99 percent assurance that it would be a success and your cab would arrive on time. The entire credit goes to the technology behind this process.

Businesses in 2017 have to embrace technology in order to survive and expand in an environment of intense global competition. Else, they would lag behind other businesses similar to them. Brands which have already embraced major technological changes can however afford to relax for the time being till a major technological change comes around the corner.