Outsource to Win

Our BPO services believe in real time communication. Voice customer support services from us
transform the very complexion of customer management in a highly competitive world of business.
Real time sales, support and feedback calls from customers need to be serviced

Our services enhance the productivity of your business with 24×7 customer support services. We
take the responsibility of managing your business verticals like:

  • Customer Service

  • Human Resource

  • Accounting and Payroll

We integrate voice and chat processes to create semi-voice global delivery processes.

Today, BPO services encompass key core functional areas of enterprises like payroll, human resource, administration and recruitment. Initially, it was restricted to channels like customer support and customer grievance management. VAP is leading a unique Business Process Transformation for its clients by creating cost minimizing processes encompassing key aspects of the enterprise machinery.

We combine robust technology and key manpower to create service management chains for effectively managing the customer experience. The digital transformational journey from VAP is heavily dependent on the BPO model for knowledge sharing and cost minimization.

We Overcome Important Market Challenges Like:

• Economic Uncertainty: The world witnesses economic uncertainty time and again. The last major instance was the recession period of 2008-2010. The time witnessed a significant decrease in productivity and demand across the world. Business Process Outsourcing plays a key role in negotiating times of uncertainty.

• Market Complexity: The market complexities arise due to severely competitive markets teeming with customers with diverse requirements.

• Hyper Competition: The level of competition in a modern market is simply immense. It is extremely high in terms of demand and supply which goes beyond the traditional limits of the past decade.

Change in consumer expectations

• Governmental regulatory pressures

With our outsourcing services; clients can be assured of measurable business outcomes and value addition through regularly visible profit addition.

We Ensure the following Key Points:

• Increase in the sales volume

• Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

• Increase in the market share

• Superior customer engagement

• Superior quality of work delivery

5 Common Misconceptions About Business Process Outsourcing That Must Be Debunked

  • Outsourcing Is a Costly Affair

  • No Regulation Over Your Project

  • Outsourcing Lays Your Information In Jeopardy

  • Outsourcing Companies Just Don't Get It

  • It's Just For The Large Firms & Not For Startups