How has The World of Technology changed over The Last Two Decades?

Way back in the early 90s, computers and phones were a different story. Computers were restricted to research centers and data warehouses and were gigantic in terms of size. Technology has truly reduced the world to the palm of our hands! Today, the same computational capability is possessed by a hand held device like an iPhone. In between we skipped 23 years of enormous technological development and research which helped in shaping modern society.

Let us start our discussion with our old friend computer. The computer became familiar with our professional lives during the mid-1990s when major companies started automating their everyday operations. Telephony was restricted to the standard land phone or the occasional cordless phone. Although, the first range of mobile phones was launched in the year 1973, it took a lot of time for it to become easily accessible by the common users. Computers made a relatively easier entry into the markets and soon found its way into several American homes. We are not biased about a particular location. We are trying to map the expansion, growth and evolution of computers from its place of origin. The roots have to be traced first in order to understand the first story.

Today, laptops have become very convenient for the professional community, who can carry their work home. Plus, the availability of high speed internet emails and social media sites have blessed us with seamless connectivity. Does distance matter in 2017? No, you can easily conduct an overseas meeting with a client over Skype! A decade back, it was almost unthinkable and companies had to bear a lot of cost to arrange overseas trips. Although, business trips are important today, a lot of cost and convenience has been added through VOIP (Voice over Internet) and Video Telephony (Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp Messenger etc.)

Across the globe, technology has modified our lives significantly. Today business has come down to the size of the palm. Let us take a real life example. A customer opens on his phone. Today, the mobile user would not see the mobile version of the site! Rather the person would be clicking on a mobile app which would give him/her a rich navigational experience. The same customer makes a purchase through the app using his debit or credit card. This is the magic of modern mobile commerce. We are ready to help you establish a strong web presence for your business. 2017 would be the right time.

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