A versatile food delivery app, it paves the perfect way to sit back and enjoy any food, snacks and drinks from the top eating places. The easy-to-use app helps set up and save your location for easy display of all partnering restaurants. Make your pick from the food type that you would love to gorge on and hot deals and offers of the day. Browse through the menu option under every listed restaurant and get the rates and discounts available. Select your favorite dishes, choose the number of plates to be ordered and checkout for a quick delivery. Trace your order till it arrives at your doorstep.

Dial a Mini Cab

An app that lets you book a cab to your destination any time of the day or night with reliable drivers behind the wheel. Just download the app on your Android or iOS device and feed in the information about your pick up location and destination. The app will pop up all vehicles available and allow you to select yours. Easy to use even for first-timers, the app makes traveling easier and smoother round-the-clock.


The app helps you to find the best deal for partying at leading bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Enjoy yourself with your crew of friends from school, college, workplace, social network or family at some of the top venues with Crewvent. You only need to post your party requirements and get the best offers from our partner hosts. Share it among your friends, crowd it among yourselves and go ahead partying at the venue with the best offer.

CRM Runner

An app that helps bringing in the complete 360-degree view of your business at your fingertip anyplace and anytime. The features of the app enable operations at multiple location a smooth affair when it comes to assign job tickets, find staff working at different sites, get details of suppliers and contractors. Get real time report from employees on site and multiple reports from different locations for complete evaluation. Check on inventories and coordinate your operations seamless even when away. Sending quotes to your prospective clients has never been easier than this by just selecting designs and customizing fields for clinching deals.