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Market Research & Survey

Know Your Customer

We provide an unique integration of customer satisfaction measurement analytics with an end user survey sent over the internet. Some surveys are also conducted live over IP telephones conducted by the specialist survey callers who conduct a pleasant survey

Online Surveys are an integral part of business intelligence. We assist modern enterprises to measure their market reputation and customer retention values. Business analytics revolves around the data provided by the online surveys. We have a structured setup to capture online survey results through real-time voice-based client interactions.The service is also extended by survey questionnaires to be filled up by the customers later on.

The market research and survey is a structured tool to analyze the general opinion of customers towards a particular product or service. We conduct survey campaigns from its delivery center through voice over internet calls and interactive chats. The transition of customer feedback management to survey and market research is a sign of maturity. When enterprises take this matured decision; they take a step forward towards developing an efficient chain of customer retention.

What are the types of surveys conducted by VAP Technology?

• Market Descriptive Surveys: This survey helps in understanding the size of the market, competition and shares held by individual players in the market.

• Market Profiling – Segmentation Surveys: The aim is to make a clear distinction between customers and non-customers. This helps in creating a better business mapping for future instances.

• Stage in the purchase process/tracking: it is very important to track the customer adoption process in order to understand their relative positioning in the sales pyramid. This helps in understanding the overall sales model of large and medium scale enterprises.

• Customer Intention: The willingness of a customer to make a particular purchase decision determines the chances of a sale. The same parameter can be easily measured using a structured survey tool.

• Customer Attitude Surveys: The attitude of customers makes a major difference to the way in which sales strategies would be formulated for an upcoming financial year. Customers might have a need for your products and services but they might find solutions elsewhere. This is when the concept of customer attitude comes to play.

• New Product Surveys: Your new product might be well acceptable in the markets but there are a lot of areas you can improve upon. A dedicated new product survey would be the best way to understand the loopholes in your product.

• Customer Service Surveys: The customer surveys are a structured tool to measure customer opinion and feedback. These are simple surveys which primarily focus on the general customer opinion on a particular product or service.