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Telecom Services

Telephonic Revolution Now

We uses state of the art web, digital, e-commerce and voice communication to transform its client enterprise model. Across the globe modern day businesses need key insights to transform the outcome of their business.

Our telecom services comprise multiple vertical management services for the leading telecom companies from Europe, Asia, and America.Our service management solutions are designed to help customers with their billing problems and help them avail the right subscriptions. VAP enhances the CSAT ratio of telecom companies by reducing their cost and adding strategic value to the net revenue of the telecom services.

Our service is a suite of services aimed at enhancing the overall consumer experience of the customers. It encompasses billing, customer relationship management and customer service. Telecom is the backbone of our civilization. Right from the giant telescopes (known as SETI) in the arid deserts of California; to the simple cellular network; telecom is the connecting string.

We have tied up with the leading telecom companies like One Bill Telecom which offer premium business calls and cheap business land based calling services to their clients. With inbound call centers manned by highly skilled technicians with top customer handling skills; each customer enquiry leads to a high C-SAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) score.

What is Telecom Management?

Telecom is the backbone of a corporate structure. We believe that the business ecosystem needs to be backed up with a robust internal communication set up to enable three-way communications. The three-way communication channel comprises transmission, perception and evaluation. VAP connects these three pillars using the latest telephony technology and software.

Telecom management also encompasses broadband-related services. Most broadband service providers offer cost rebates on higher broadband connectivity plans for their customers.