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Web Design

As a leading website development company in the landscape of Kolkata, we are offering turnkey business solutions to...

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Custom Software

We thrive to empower our clients with cutting edge digital technologies. Our full-stack, customized software development services are...

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Mobile Apps

We have a mobile application development factory producing business oriented business apps for modern businesses.

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BPO Services

Our BPO services believe in real time communication. Voice customer support services from us transform the very complexion...

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Digital Marketing

At VAP Technology, we provide customer-centric, result-oriented, innovative, and functional digital marketing solutions to our clients all over...

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We have a mobile application development factory producing business oriented business apps for modern businesses.

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Industries We Serve

Our dynamic team of skilled professionals will operate according to niche market segments of yours and help you to develop brands for different business formats. Following the 4 Ps of Marketing, our experts will plan to offer end-to-end solutions and address the various need of different businesses.

Digital Branding helps the retail industry to stay connected with clients, encourage sales, increase brand awareness, and generating leads for businesses. Therefore, retail companies must ensure to implement the best digital branding strategies to promote your goodwill and online existence.
The team of VAP Technologies has years of experiences understanding your niche and incorporate cutting-edge tools of data analysis to help you stand out in today’s competitive market. Our digital branding strategists will encourage your online presence and guide you to achieve your organizational goals. We will also guide you to reach where your customers are with effective channels and platforms on which you can click a great deal.
As of today, the retail industry is coming across excessive competition, and so you must ensure to make your online steps quite bold & data-driven.
Consult today with our experienced strategists to discuss all your retail marketing needs!

Digital Branding has completely changed the market, so it is an important strategy to grow real estate agencies as well. That’s right; investors will make a purchase only after seeing the property in person. But they’re more willing to conduct online research ahead of viewing the properties. And so, it is imperative as a realtor to gain a strong online presence to stand ahead of your competitors. The digital conveniences will make your client’s purchasing process quite simple, and you can also give your interested clients a tour of the property you want to sell online. And also, you can make the paperwork procedure easier without the requirement to visit your office.

VAP Technologies is a well-established company providing industry-standard real estate marketing solutions for commercial and residential real estate agencies to streamline their Digital Branding efforts and reach more prospective clients. Our dynamic team of experts will assist your real estate agency with the right channels so you can stay connected with clients and increase your client conversation rates.

To learn more about our end-to-end marketing solutions to gain your real estate company’s online presence, schedule a consultation with our experts and get a quote on your project.

The digital buying community is expected to reach 2.14 billion with a value of 6.5 trillion USD by 2021. Our 28% of client-base belongs to e-commerce, and out of that, 40% are startups. Hence, our marketing experts are committed to outline a new combination of strategies to perfectly suit your ecommerce trade.
At VAP Technologies, we are intended to offer niche solutions to all your marketing needs. From e-commerce website & app creation to social media marketing and effective strategies to reach your prospective customers, we excel in offering industry-standard services to all our e-commerce clients. Our team helps to design tailor-made, customized, and successful marketing campaigns according to the requirement of clients. Focused on delivering business-changing results, our experts can also offer you mobile-responsive apps for your e-commerce website.
You can anytime contact our e-commerce strategists to nurture your online e-commerce website today!

Digital Branding for education is gradually taking over traditional marketing as youngsters are more relying on technology these days. Therefore, creating your online presence with a customized website, application, and social media platform is extremely important to growing in the education industry. This domain has significantly changed in the past couple of years, and so our experts will comprehend your proposition over strategic meetings to provide the right online platform, website design & development, and end-to-end marketing solutions to establish new brands.
Through the latest Digital Branding strategy, our experts will guide you to reach prospective clients and improve your enrollment rates with more online visibility. The team of VAP Technologies helps a wide range of educational centres to stand out online ahead of their competitors. Feel free to reach our marketing experts to personalize your marketing approach and generate leads today!

Digital Branding has taken the leads in media and entrainment marketing, and also it’s an integral part. The reach and size of audiences are incomparable in the case of the media and entertainment industry. And so, when you are involved in the media and entertainment sector, your competitors are ferocious. That’s why you need to choose the right marketing strategy to grow in such a glamorous world and create your own platform to promote new content, offers, series and stay connected with your audience.
The team of VAP Technologies helps to boost the media and entertainment industry through social media platforms and online event management. Our qualified marketers will make plans to arrange your webinars and online seminars so you can remain connected with your audience as well as promote your own platform effectively.
We will also guide you in strategies to manage your resources and assisting startups as well as small-size media houses to develop their brands.
You can contact our experts to create a successful campaign right now!

In the food and restaurant industry, competition is quite strong, and so you need to apply the right strategy to make your restaurant stand unique. Having an online presence is evenly important to run a restaurant in such a pandemic situation, where everyone prefers to order food online and get it delivered at their doorsteps. In order to encourage online orders, your restaurant needs to get a website and customized apps to reach customers and take online orders.
The team of VAP Technologies helps the food businesses to develop their brands, facilitate loyal customers, share new content/ offers on social media platforms, update information about your restaurant services, create a personalized website, and offer budget-friendly apps. Furthermore, we’ve years of experience in supporting a wide range of restaurants to stand out online with our end-to-end marketing solutions.
If you want to get started increasing your restaurant’s online reach, contact us today!

Digital Branding for the hotel industry is the easiest way to drive direct bookings. Its demand engine will create awareness about your inn and redirect guests to your official website. VAP Technologies delivers the best Digital Branding strategy for businesses in the hotel and hospitality industry. With years of experience in serving multiple industries, our experts will help develop the brand value and recommend effective strategies for their hotel & hospitality businesses.
Our team of qualified marketers excels in offering client-specific marketing strategies and approaches to understand the user to increase your client conversion rates. Organic SEO is also effective to drive traffic to the hotel & hospitality business’s website. To develop the best PR for hotels, our experts can suggest to you the right marketing tool that’s required to leverage modern digital technologies and solve real-world problems.
Learn more about the best digital hotel & hospitality marketing strategies we offer; you can contact us today!

Digital Branding for ayurvedic is a completely new concept, which enables ayurvedic companies to reach our more audience, engage customers, and sell products online. Promoting the brand on various social platforms as an ayurvedic company is extremely important to extend your unit and encourage more customers to purchase your products. Identifying your audience will also enable you to create an effective marketing strategy providing good conversion rates. Incorporating Digital Branding strategies as an ayurvedic company will generate revenue and achieve good reviews about the products on all the platforms.

VAP Technologies is renowned as one of the best Digital Branding companies supporting ayurvedic companies to sell products online with the help of SEO, Social Media Marketing, Mobile-Responsive Website & Apps Development, Social Media Campaigns, Local Business Listing & Content Marketing.

In case you need professional assistance to market your ayurvedic products online, contact us to get cost-effective marketing solutions and efficiently sell your ayurvedic products online.

Travellers no more rely upon offline agencies to make a vacation plan, as people nowadays get inspiration online over social media channels and online research to make plans for their holiday trips. Therefore, for the tourism industry, it’s extremely important to stay connected with your audience over social media channels and score a good rank in search engines. Your tourism business’s online presence makes collecting information and using it much more effective to reach prospective clients and sell your packages.
The dynamic team of VAP Technologies helps to develop brands, user-friendly websites, run cost-effective social media ads, and guidance to reach interested clients through the best Digital Branding strategies and execution.
Taking your initial steps into the world of Digital Branding for the tourism industry isn’t quite simple, so you can speak with our experts to get the best help today!

Digital Branding for the healthcare industry refers to the process of promoting your services to patients over popular online platforms. Through the latest Digital Branding strategy, practitioners and medical organizations can easily reach out to worldwide patients, grow consistency amongst audiences, and expand the growth of services related to healthcare. The digital techniques are also a profitable investment option for the healthcare industry operational online, including online medicine shops, online physician appointment, and online information sharing of healthcare facilities.
VAP Technologies’ team of digital marketers has been helping the leading healthcare organizations to grow with patient-centred marketing strategies. Our team helps the healthcare units with informative ways to reach out to prospective clients, social media marketing, and assistance to gain your online presence with mobile-responsive websites and customized apps. The best Digital Branding strategy will eventually support you to engage more patients, increase patient volume, and establish your unit as a speciality clinic.
Feel free to reach our experts anytime to immediately gain your online presence.

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