How To Convert your Customer Through Your Brand

When you want to convert customers for your brand promotion the first thing that will cross your mind is I can’t, and it’s not my cup of tea.

Competition for business in today’s ultra-connected, global world is fierce. Each day, fresh idea is formed and new companies are launched, and yet – 90% of startups fail.

We have something to cheer you up.

Firstly, how to identify your best brand promotion customers?

Track your fans in Social Media Channels

Fans on your social media channels are equally skillful at wearing several hats: salesperson, marketers, thought leaders and content creators. They are more likely to share information using social media and online discussion dashboards to someone they know.

Identify your Repeat Customers

The repeat customers are the best source of brand promotions as they visit your site repeatedly. This gives you a better chance to cherish the relationship with them and give sufficient reason to talk about your brand.

Now, the most important strategies you should be aware of:

Strategies to convert customers into brand advocates

90% trust their friend’s recommendation before buying any product whereas only 40% trust advertising. So now the question arises how to make your website visitors your biggest fans and promoters?

Unique Website Experience

Convert your customers by providing an engaging and visually beautiful website experience. Give users number of reasons to talk about their positive experiences with your company and services.

Share knowledge, win friends

The whole world is on the lookout for tricks, tips and shortcuts. So if you know how to solve a problem X with a solution Y, then make sure to put it online. As it is human nature to help, your customer will share your information with their friends and families, winning you new friends and more importantly potential customers.

Referral Discounts

Make your consumer your biggest brand promoter by providing referral discounts. If your customer knows that they will get a discount the next time they purchase a product from your company by simply referring the product to others, they will most likely share it with their social circles and communities.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty is about the trust nurtured with your loyal customers. It is worthwhile because a loyal customer will stick with you and refuse to get poached by any of your competitor. Involving the customer through a reward program will motivate him/her to have a positive perspective towards your brand.

Create Riveting user Generated Stories

Your purchasers are dying to tell stories about their new buys to the world. Businesses that can tap into this need can drive revenue as well as growth. You can increase in total revenue and in higher conversion rate through social traffic by using product stories.

Free Offline Sampling:

Reach out everywhere in malls and etc., provide people with leaflets, make hoardings and explain and share the information as much as you can. Reach out to every individual through free sampling.

Hopefully, these strategies and information will help you to nurture your brand. For more information, contact us or even call us @+91-33-324 86160

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